In the final scenes of Titanic, the wooden door would have supported both Rose and Jack if they had tied Rose’s life jacket underneath.

End of the Tunnel

Well today was a day where I had everything planned out. My BFF and her bf picked me up to go window shopping (me) and go to the movies. Before watching the movie, we went to a music store, because it’s a place where we always hang out. I was planning on buying Christina Aguilera’s Album “Back to Basics”, because I’ve been trying to get it, but I never found it anywhere, it was such a big store, I thought I was gonna find it but……. unfortunately I didn’t. I was so sad, but I said “oh well at least I’ll watch Paranormal Activity later to cheer me up. We arrive at the movie theater and my BFF changes her mind and ended up watching “The perks of being a wallflower”. I was so bummed and mad. But I was like “oh well whatever I guess I have to watch a movie I don’t know what’s it about!” I was expecting the worst, I was getting ready to be bored as hell. But damn I watched and watched and it was an amazing movie, that made me change my views on life. If you haven’t seen it, please go watch it, because it is a beautiful and inspirational movie. I am so thankful that I went to go watch it and that my BFF made me watch it, because I bet it was so much better than Paranormal Activity, and it practically change my views on life. Especially stuff that I am going through right now. I learned that you may have all these plans for your life, that you think are the best options for you. But in the end God changes things up that you are not gonna like! But when you start to feel miserable! he gives you something EVEN BETTER than what you had planned for yourself. That was my lesson tonight. I am so happy, and I kind of understand things a little better now. If you don’t believe in  God than just replace the word with “life” (I respect your beliefs). The thing is that when you see your life fall apart, don’t worry, happiness it’s always at the end of the tunnel.